Turbophase Installation Featured in Combined Cycle Journal

Jupiter, FL (September 4, 2014) – The Turbophase installation at Morris Cogeneration was featured in Combined Cycle Journal’s CCJ-Onsite publication. The subject was: “First GT turbocharger meets expectations, Frame 6 lessons learned apply to most GTs.” The article continued, “Well-timed megawatts offer potential value to Morris Cogen.Soon, you may be adding a new option for extracting megawatts from your gas turbine/generator or combined cycle—a separate engine-driven compressor module that takes high-temperature turbine exhaust and feeds it back into the GT’s compressor discharge. Called TurboPhase, it’s a deceptively simple technique developed by PowerPhase LLC, Jupiter, Fla.If the initial installation at Morris Cogeneration LLC lives up to its promise (Fig 1), it could challenge traditional capacity enhancement options, like inlet air chillers, foggers, water or steam injection, and duct-burner firing. Such options are receiving greater attention these days because grid operators are rewarding generators for the flexibility and quick-response capabilities necessary to meet their ancillary-services obligations.” Click here for the full article.

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