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A Transformational Technology in rENEWABLE Energy Storage

Developed with grid-scale energy storage in mind, our FastLight Storage Engine is an economical and eco-friendly technology supporting the widespread deployment of renewables worldwide. Using established gas turbines, the FastLight Storage Engine stores renewable energy in the form of compressed air and provides firm, baseload renewable energy to the grid. When storage is depleted, the system also functions as an efficient peaker asset to deliver power as needed. So what benefits does our Fastlight - compressed air energy storage solution provide? Clean energy and a stable grid at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of batteries.

Renewable Energy Storage Technology Diagram

Transforming the Way the World Stores Energy

Here's how our highly-flexible, long or short-term duration storage technology works.

Modular Technology is Installed On an Existing Combustion Turbine

The FastLight Storage Engine technology has a small, power-dense footprint. Our technology is easily installed on a plant's existing combustion turbine, requiring significantly less space than batteries. Then, the compression process is decoupled from the CT, multiplying turbine output by 2 and making available the full turbine power generated available to the grid.

Excess Clean Energy is Stored as Compressed Air & Discharged On Demand

Instead of storing surplus energy in a battery, our compressed air storage system utilizes renewable or off-peak energy to store compressed air for long or short-term durations. This scalable and highly flexible technology allows renewable plants to deploy clean energy on demand, firming the capacity of renewables to the grid.

Storage Engine Doubles as a Highly Efficient Peaker Asset

When storage is depleted, the FastLight Storage Engine can run its modular compression system real-time to generate power as needed, providing firm peaking capacity.

Renewable Energy Storage Technology Powerphase

A More Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly Approach to Energy Storage

Lasting 30+ years, our FastLight Storage Engine is a long-term storage asset that diminishes the need for battery replacement and disposal. With superior durability and storage capacity, compressed air storage (CAES storage) offers a more flexible and environmentally-friendly alternative to batteries at a fraction of the levelized cost of energy.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Cutting Emissions Up to 50%

While batteries can store clean energy, they still require peakers to firm that energy to the grid. Our FastLight Engine doubles as an energy storage system and peaking power asset, operating at 50% of the heat rate of the most efficient combined cycle plants.

Fastlight energy storage upgrade

Improve Your Bottom Line With Fewer Capital and O&M Costs

Alternative energy can cut your costs. With FastLight, one plant serves as a peaking gas turbine and a daily energy storage unit at a fraction of the capital cost and levelized cost of energy. The significant increase in output from our peaker assets means fewer peaking turbines are required to level the grid, leading to reduced O&M costs and a better bottom line.

Commercially Proven serviceable Products

Our FastLight Storage Engine utilizes commercially proven products uniquely packaged to provide energy storage. We partner with gas turbine service providers to offer long-term service agreements

Combustion turbine upgrade fastlight

Easy Site Ability & Expandability

The FastLight Storage Engine is comprised of flexible modular components that improve upon an existing site’s mature frame combustion turbines, adding robust proven performance & durability. Our above-ground storage tanks can be added anywhere with a small footprint.

A Proven Economical Storage Solution With Extensive Value

In the past, the limitation of compressed air energy storage caes was its site ability. With FastLight, our highly-flexible, low-footprint solution provides commercially economical CAES plants anywhere. Our unique technology utilizes the following modes:

Electric low pressure compressors feed electric high pressure compressors and store high pressure air in storage tanks.

Air is released and heated in the recuperator to normal gas turbine compressor exit conditions.

When the air tank is empty, the Turbophase gas powered compressors and electric low pressure compressors generate air to deliver continuous peaking power.


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