Power Plant Technology to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With 41 patents issued and counting, Powerphase offers innovative power plant technology solutions to increase energy output regardless of ambient conditions, thus significantly reducing specific fossil fuel emissions. Our turbine air injection technology and compressed air storage are making powerful waves throughout the global energy market.

Renewable Energy Storage Fastlight in Jupiter,FL

Turbophase Air Injection

Increase the output of your power plant.

Our Turbophase Module is an air injection system that increases the capacity and efficiency of a gas or liquid fuel -fired combustion turbine power plant by up to 20%, regardless of the ambient conditions. Our OEM-friendly modules, when added to combined cycle plants, allows owners to reduce simple cycle plants starting, saving on fuel costs startup and O&M.

Gas Turbine Upgrades from Powerphase

Fastlight Energy Storage

Improve the storage of your energy.

Our Fastlight Storage Engine converts existing combustion turbineĀ  power plants into energy storage plants that delivers 2-3X times the capacity of the CT burning the same quantity of fuel. This cutting-edge technology can reduce the carbon footprint of a plant by up to 50% at a fraction of the cost of batteries. Unlike any other energy storage system, the FSE system has a firm continuous output capability to baseload renewable energy, regardless of the ambient conditions.

Reducing carbon emissions Fastlight

Our Global Sales Partner Network

In striving to be a key player in the global effort to reduce carbon, we work with local sales partners around the world to deliver our solution to businesses in need. From providing scalable power to match industrial park growth in Southeast Asia, to improving gas turbine heat rate performance by up to 5% during Saudi Arabian summers, our battle-tested technology is a proven power plant solution worldwide and continues to expand into new markets.


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