Turbophase Featured in Power Engineering Magazine: A Bull Market for Gas Turbines

Tulsa, OK (June 26, 2014) Powerphase was recently featured in Power Engineering Magazine’s June Issue in an article written by acclaimed managing editor, Russell Ray entitled “A Bull Market for Gas Turbines.” In the article Ray discusses how the global gas turbine market is “thriving with innovations, new projects and new ventures.” Quoted in the article are Siemens CEO, Joe Kaesar, Vice President of New Equipment Sales & Commercial Operations for Mitsubishi Hitachi and Powerphase CEO, Bob Kraft, among others. Bob discusses how Turbophase can add 5 MW of capacity per module in less than 60 seconds, up to 20 percent incremental capacity in simple cycle configuration and 15 percent in combined cycle. For the full article visit Power Engineering Magazine.

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