Turbophase Factory Acceptance Test Stronger than Expected

Jupiter, FL (September 20, 2013) – Powerphase LLC announced today that its recent factory acceptance test of Turbophase was stronger than expected. The Turbophase module exceeded performance estimates and will deliver more power, more efficiently that had been predicted by engineering models.  On a simple cycle 7FA, each Turbophase module will produce about 3.9MW with a heat rate of 8500 LHV compared to a normal 9800 heat rate for a simple cycle 7FA on a 95F day.  On a combined cycle 7FA, Turbophase will produce about 4.5MW at a 7500 heat rate LHV. “We were expecting good performance from Turbophase using our models, but sometimes reality is better than the models and this was one of those times, “noted Bob Kraft, founder & president of Powerphase LLC. Kraft continued, “What this means for customers is better performance at lower cost, which is the entire goal of our business – to deliver power that is both less expensive & more flexible than alternatives, while leveraging the natural gas.”

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