Powerphase Issued New Patent in Mexico for its Core Gas Turbine Upgrade System

JUPITER, August 8, 2018 – Powerphase, a company focused on using air more efficiently in combustion turbines, today announced the issuance of one of its core patents in Mexico, a country undergoing rapid economic growth and increasing demand for electricity. This patent, already issued in the USA, is for Powerphase flagship product, dubbed Turbophase. Turbophase is a revolutionary process where 10-20% additional power can be achieved and combined cycle efficiencies from an existing gas turbine at a price point well below building a new simple-cycle plant.Other features include the ability to pre-heat the gas turbine allowing for much quicker start times as well as air injection to increase the hot gas path parts life. By adding its gas turbine upgrade to the existing gas turbine fleet in Mexico, Powerphase could provide Mexico with more than 2,000 MW of additional capacity from its existing combustion turbine fleet while at the same time reducing the cost per MWh of generation (improving the efficiency).The Powerphase commercial team is continuing to explore opportunities for its first commercial installation in the Mexican market. The patent numbered 358183 can be viewed at https://siga.impi.gob.mx/.

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