Powerphase, LLC to Appear at the Advanced Energy Conference

West Palm Beach, (September 27, 2012) — Powerphase, LLC will showcase Turbophase at the New York City based Advanced Energy Conference in the Jacob K. Javits Center October 30th & 31st. Bob Kraft & Pat Conroy will be in attendance and unveil a scale model of Turbophase, the Company’s patent pending Aeroboost Injection (ABI) technology for Gas Turbines. “Customers have expressed strong interest in Turbophase because it can give an immediate 10% or more power increase for combined cycle units & up to 20% for simple cycle gas turbines. If a customer wants to boost capacity, it makes a lot of sense to add Turbophase to an existing plant instead of siting, permitting & installing a new peaker.” said Bob Kraft, the Company’s founder & president.

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