Bob Kraft Invited to speak at Power-GEN 2012 & Powerphase LLC Will Exhibit at Booth # 5840

West Palm Beach, (October 2, 2012) — Bob Kraft, founder of Powerphase LLC has been invited to speak at the Power-GEN International trade show at the Orlando County Convention Center December 11-13, 2012. Mr. Kraft will discuss Aeroboost Injection (ABI) technology, a patent-pending method for boosting Gas Turbine power output. ABI is a more cost-effective & efficient way to get more power from Gas Turbines than other methods & additions currently available. Powerphase LLC has developed a package called Turbophase that uses ABI to get 10%+ more power from Combined Cycle Gas Turbines and up to 20% more power from Simple Cycle Gas Turbines. Turbophase is a modular package, as shown here, and can be added to gas turbines with a simple, low risk installation in only a few days.

Turbophase combines a highly efficient reciprocating engine—fueled  with natural gas, diesel or biodiesel—driving  an intercooled compressor that takes its air flow output through a recuperator for heating and then directly into the combustion section of the gas turbine.  It starts in seconds, runs indefinitely, and thanks to the much greater combustion efficiency of the reciprocating engine, produces no efficiency penalty for the overall power plant facility.”The most significant feature is that the package does not take anything away from the gas turbine in simple or combined cycle, and there is therefore no effect on base load combined cycle efficiency whether the Turbophase system is running or not,” said Bob Kraft, President of Powerphase LLC. Kraft continued, “I look forward to presenting at Power-GEN as both plant managers and executives will be interested to hear more about a new way to get more power from existing assets using a method that is faster & easier to install, cleaner & more affordable than alternatives.” Bob Kraft, Pat Conroy, VP Operations & Peter Perri, VP Marketing from Powerphase LLC will be in attendance at Power-GEN, booth number 5840.About Power-GEN International: POWER-GEN International offers comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies and issues facing the power generation sector. More than 1,200 companies from all over the world exhibit each year to benefit from meeting up to 20,000 attendees.  POWER-GEN International represents a comprehensive view of the power generations industry with key emphasis on new solutions and innovations for the future.

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