Powerphase Issued New Patent for Increase Gas Turbine Flexibility and Responsiveness

JUPITER, February 13, 2018 – Powerphase, a company focused on using air more efficiently in combustion turbines, today announced the issuance of another new patent covering a broad range of applications for its Turbophase equipment including: allowing gas turbines to be more efficiently turned down during periods of low demand, increasing output of gas turbines during periods of high demand, improving gas turbine efficiency, especially on new gas turbines, and the ability to add energy storage capability to a new or existing gas turbine.Functionally, the invention adds an electrical motor/generator assist to the prime mover driving the Turbophase system to add a high-frequency ability to control and ramp the gas turbine output in seconds similar to how a battery can ramp while increasing the overall output of the Turbophase process.  This element adds fast ramping frequency response benefits to plants that are trying to respond quickly to load and renewable fluctuations. The patent numbered 9,890,707 can be viewed at uspto.gov.

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