Powerphase Issued Japanese Patent for Turbophase Dry Air Injection System

JUPITER, Fla., Nov. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Powerphase, a Company that offers incremental power and efficiency for combustion turbines, has been issued a new patent from the Japanese Patent Office, Japanese Patent No. 6039056, for the Company’s Turbophase Dry Air Injection System for Combustion Turbines. Powerphase Founder & CEO remarked, “Efficiency is very important to the Japanese market. We want the world to know that not only does our Company offer increased power output, but we also offer increases in combined cycle efficiency by 1-2% on newly built combustion turbine power plants. We consider the Japanese market one of the most important in the world and are making strides with customers throughout Japan.” In 2017, Powerphase expects to extend the 1-2% efficiency gains to 3-4% on both new and existing combined cycle combustion turbine power plants, including 3-4% efficiency gains on the entire existing combined cycle F-class fleet.

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