Powerphase Installation

Two Turbophase Module Time Lapse Installation Video, Morris Cogen, Morris, IL USA, PJM Market (Near Chicago)

Atlantic Power Morris Cogeneration (Morris) has three gas 6B gas turbines (GT) with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) that supply steam and power to an industrial steam host. The complex is located in Morris Illinois, just outside of Chicago, on the world’s largest grid, PJM. The Turbophase system installed at Morris consists of two Turbophase Modules (TPMs), which are used primarily to increase the output capacity and the ramping speed of the plant.In the event that a GT or a TPM trips, the fail safes built into the Turbophase system will protect the Gas Turbine. Testing of the fail safes was performed at the Morris site by tripping one of the two TPMs while injecting air into the GT. Since Turbophase only injects air into the GT, there is no maintenance penalty associated with the Turbophase system, making Turbophase a very safe and economical option for the plant.The Turbophase compressor is designed to deliver air at pressures up to 300psi, so Turbophase can be used on any gas turbine with compressor discharge pressures below 290psi, covering most E, F, G, and H class 50hz and 60hz Gas Turbines and several aero derivatives. Turbophase HP for higher pressure machines will be available in the summer of 2015.Total potential power increase for a combined cycle power plant with Turbophase is 10-25%, depending on the type of plant, generator and shaft limits, at heat rates similar to combined cycle efficiency. Installation occurs over the course of a few days, and in the case of the Morris Installation, required no plant outage. Installed cost is less than 1/2 the cost of a new gas turbine plant.For more information:powerphasellc.cominfo@powerphasellc.com

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