Powerphase Founder Bob Kraft Interviewed by Casey Haley at POWER-GEN International

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 15, 2016 – Powerphase founder Bob Kraft was interviewed by Pennwell’s Casey Haley at POWER-GEN International in Orlando, FL about Powerphase products including a new development for 2017 that will dramatically improve both gas turbine and combined cycle efficiency at base-load and part-load conditions. During the interview Mr. Kraft discusses the foundations of the Turbophase dry air injection system and the tremendous interest that has been generated at the POWER-GEN trade shows since 2012. Mr. Kraft also covers the basic functionality of the Turbophase System as well as the fuel efficiency gains that can be achieved with the system. Those fuel efficiency gains are where Powerphase is putting its R&D budget and the Company hopes to announce a product offering 3-4% combined cycle efficiency improvement in 2017. “3-4% efficiency improvment is transformational,” said Kraft. Kraft continued, “We’re going to take the workhorse F-Class gas turbines in combined cycle and let them perform like H-Class.” Watch the full Interview here.

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