PowerPHASE Featured in Energy CIO Insights Magazine

In April 2020, PowerPHASE was featured in the “Power Generation Special” of Energy CIO Insights magazine for introducing their newly-developed Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Plant. PowerPHASE was also awarded the Top Power Generation Service Providers of 2020 award for their dedication and efforts in solving the world’s biggest energy challenges.

Working Towards a Solution for Sustainable Renewable Energy

Sustainable renewable energy is one of the world’s biggest energy challenges. The primary reason for this is the lack of cost-effective solutions for grid energy on a large scale. Furthermore, the general lack of technological and engineering resources also present challenges—until now. PowerPHASE believes that vision combined with experienced and talented engineering resources and expertise are key to developing a solution. As a result, PowerPHASE has developed the CAES Plant, which is designed to enable grid scale energy storage of renewable sources. PowerPHASE also offers two innovative solutions: Turbophase and Fastlight, both of which leverage the power generated by gas turbines, but in a new way. Turbophase is essentially a flagship modular air injection system, which is designed to produce more power efficiently. In fact, Turbophase makes air 40 percent more efficient than gas turbines by using a four- or five-stage intercooled centrifugal air compressor. PowerPHASE currently has over 100 patents.FastLight is a suite of energy storage products that allow combined cycle power plants to store power. It is designed to convert 10 percent of any gas turbine capacity into storage. FastLight is also a flexible and more cost-effective solution than the CAES plant. As PowerPHASE continues to deliver sustainable renewable energy solutions, the company has plans to expand its footprint globally in 2020. 

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