Optimizing China Gas Turbines: Power Engineering International

Shanghai, China (May 6, 2015) – The Turbophase Flex Package was recently featured in Power Engineering International in an article entitled “Unlocking China’s Gas Potential“. The article discusses how China is adding renewable energy to its power grid at an increasing pace. Like California, as renewables are added, fast responding resources are required to balance unexpected shortfalls in production. The Turbophase Flex package provides the maximum operating range to a gas turbine power plant, leveraging existing plant assets. Powerphase VP, Steve Quisenberry, has been selected to speak at the NexTurbine Conference in Shanghai, China, May 22, 2015. Steve is working to establish strategic partnerships in the region to help China unlock the full potential of the China gas turbines fleet to provide cleaner, more reliable power generation as China adds renewables to its grid.

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