Bob Kraft to Speak at CTOTF

Jupiter, FL (March 27, 2014 )  – Bob Kraft has been invited to present at the spring CTOTF conference in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Bob’s talk, entitled “Turbophase: Air-Injection Power Boost” will discuss how Turbophase replaces unused capacity existent in the gas turbine at simple or combined cycle plants at all ambient temperatures above zero degrees celsius (thirty degrees fahrenheit), allowing the gas turbine to operate at ISO conditions at all times. The incremental power produced by Turbophase is significant and the incremental efficiency of Turbophase is better than gas turbines in simple cycle configuration. “CTOTF brings together some of the most respected people in the Gas Turbine industry”, said Kraft. “We are happy to be able to have a presence at this prestigious gas turbine user conference.”About CTOTF: The CTOTF™ is a membership organization of combustion turbine owners/operators (“Users”).  The organization’s user-defined mission continues to be the premier forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to the design, operations and maintenance of combustion turbine and combined cycle power plants, and to provide a collective voice for its members to express issues and concerns to the combustion turbine industry.

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