Bob Kraft Invited to Panel at NY-Best Capture the Energy Trade Show

Jupiter, FL (March 11, 2014 ) – Bob Kraft will participate on a panel at the New York Best Capture the Energy Trade Show in Troy, NY. The session will highlight companies involved in thermal and mechanical energy storage who will discuss the latest development in the technology as well as the growing markets and applications for these technologies.Turbophase has an energy storage add-on component called Turbophase GSX that allows the base Turbophase to offer capacity with the additional features of a grid scale battery. The Turbophase storage option is 75% less expensive on a $/kW basis than grid scale batteries or flywheels.Turbophase also has a black start option, which has been interesting to many of the generators in New York. With Turbophase Black Start, a generator gets additional capacity when they want it, plus Black Start for a soft shutdown or restarting the plant. Compare this to the sunk cost of black start that is only there for emergencies, which are rare events.For most customers, the base Turbophase package makes the most sense commercially in today’s market, but for customers considering energy storage or black start already, Turbophase GSX & Turbophase Black Start produce better ROI than other commercially available energy storage or black start solutions.

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