5% Gas Turbine Fuel Efficiency Improvement in the Middle East

POWERPHASE is excited to announce its upgrade of a 7FA gas turbine allowing for a five per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and 31.5MW increase in power.The system has demonstrated 99.3 per cent availability in ambient conditions up to 55°C at both base-load and part-load conditions. Powerphase President and CEO Bob Kraft said, “Our analysis indicates a substantial power increase and fuel savings for nations in the region if they implement our upgrades across their gas turbine fleet. The Turbophase system can be integrated into a new or existing gas turbine plant at a much lower cost than building new plants and improving the fuel efficiency by more than five per cent. If implemented across the gas turbine fleet in the region, the Turbophase system would add more than 5GW of power and would save more than 18mn boe per year. It’s a generational leap in new gas turbine technology, representing billions in potential savings for the region.”The Turbophase dry air injection system is modular and additive. This allows a gas turbine OEM, like GE, Siemens or Mitsubishi, to meet a specific power target, either alone, or as an addition to any combination of OEM upgrade or inlet conditioning. The same Turbophase system installed in the Middle East is expected to be able to operate everywhere else as well, promising similar output and fuel efficiency benefits, including GE 7EA & GE 7FA gas turbines.Here is a copy of the full article, covering the gas turbine upgrade in the Middle East.

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