2019 Year End Summary

We hope you’ve had a great 2019! It’s been a banner year for PowerPHASE. Some of our biggest highlights and achievements include the following: 

#1 Indonesia Patents & Progress on the Ground

News: PowerPHASE was recently awarded a patent in Indonesia for the Turbophase product. This is PowerPHASE’s 36th patent awarded to date globally of over 100 patents that were submitted and in process.Why it matters: PowerPHASE is currently working with local partners to launch two installations planned for 2020 in Indonesia providing plant efficiency improvement and over 10% increased power output from the power plants.

#2 Completed SW501F Installation in Mexico

News: Turbophase boosts output of SW501F CCGT by 10MW at current CCGT heat rate, adding capacity and operational flexibility to the plant.Why it matters: The 501F Fleet is the second largest in the world. This particular plant was under OEM LTSA and the OEM provided their customer with oversite of the integration of the Turbophase System. Many customers with 501F gas turbines—both those with LTSAs and without LTSAs—should consider the Turbophase System as a potential solution for adding incremental generation to their plant. The Turbophase System is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market that does not impact plant operations to install, making it ideal for upgrading your existing combustion turbine.

#3 Operational hours milestone achieved in Malaysia

News: The Turbophase system in Malaysia has been operational for over 24 months now on four GE 6B gas turbines with over 13,000 accumulated hours of Turbophase System operation.Why it matters: The Turbophase System is currently producing the same output today as it was on its first day of operation, showing zero system degradation during those two years. In addition, there has been zero maintenance impact on the gas turbine.

#4 Hitachi H25 Turbophase order in Pakistan

News: PowerPHASE has received an order for its Turbophase System on a Hitachi H25 cogeneration petrochemical/fertilizer facility in Pakistan, enabling the customer to increase production with Turbophase as the primary source of energy and steam for the expansion.Why it matters: The Turbophase System is simple to install and maintain. The customer is doing this installation entirely on their own with technical support from PowerPHASE. This is PowerPHASE’s first installation on the Hitachi H25 and the customer will get both incremental power and incremental steam for its Cogen process as a result of the installation of Turbophase.

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