1st Turbophase Unit Completed Ahead of Schedule

Jupiter, FL (September 16, 2013) – Powerphase LLC announced today that the World’s First Gas Turbine Turbocharger has been manufactured ahead of schedule. The Modular Unit, called Turbophase, will produce approximately 4 MW of power when added to a gas turbine power plant. Turbophase uses air injection to restore power that is normally lost when ambiet temperatures or altitudes rise. Turbophase is a separately fueled system composed of a reciprocating engine that is driving a multi-stage intercooled compressor. The heat from the exhaust of the engine is used to heat up the compressed air in recuperator. The Turbophase air is then injected into the Gas Turbine in one or more of the existing ports. A power plant owner can add a single Turbophase module or several, depending on their needs. The system can boost Combined Cycle plant output by 10% & Simple Cycle plant output by up to 20%. Responding to industry calls for greater power plant flexibility to support renewables, Turbophase was designed to ramp fully in under 60 seconds &  go from part-load to full output in 10 seconds. “We are excited to see our vision become a reality,” said Bob Kraft, Founder & President of Powerphase LLC. Turbophase will be tested on 7FA & 501F Gas Turbines in Texas before being transported to POWER-GEN, November 12-14 where it will be showcased to a global audience of power industry executives. Kraft continued, “We are seeing tremendous excitement for Turbophase from around the world & we expect an order backlog to develop after POWER-GEN.” Powerphase LLC is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida.


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