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Gas Turbine Upgrades: Powerplant Technology to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

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Powering the World’s carbon reduction

Powerphase offers innovative gas turbine upgrades and enhancements, proven to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency. With over 100 patents worldwide, Powerphase has successfully implemented an advanced aerothermal technology for commercial and industrial applications that utilizes air more efficiently in gas turbines. Our mission is to continue to support the growth of renewables, development of feasible energy storage, and to provide reliable power incorporating renewable energy to support the transition to carbon-free global energy production.

Renewable Energy Storage Fastlight in Jupiter,FL

Turbophase Air Injection

Increase the output of your power plant, upgrade your gas turbine.

Our Turbophase Module is an air injection system that increases the capacity and efficiency of a gas or liquid fuel fired combustion turbine power plant by up to 20%, regardless of the ambient conditions. Our OEM-friendly modules, when added to combined cycle plants, allows owners to reduce simple cycle plants starting, saving on fuel costs startup and O&M. 

Gas Turbine Upgrades from Powerphase

Fastlight Energy Storage

Deliver firm, baseload capacity of renewable energy to the grid with this gas turbine upgrade.

Our Fastlight Storage Engine converts existing peaking power plants into energy storage plants that deliver 2-3X times the capacity of the nameplate CT burning the same quantity of fuel. This cutting-edge gas turbine upgrade can reduce the carbon footprint of a plant by up to 50% at a fraction of the cost of batteries. Unlike any other energy storage system, the FSE system has a continuous output capability, regardless of the ambient conditions.

Case Studies


Southeast Asia

Scalable Power to Match Industrial Park Growth in Southeast Asia

Powerphase engineers estimate that the power plant could increase its generating output by 10 percent, with 8 Turbophase modules, while building out far less than tenth of the plant’s current footprint. The high-tech park uses all of the plant’s power, and anticipates significant growth.


Saudi Arabia

More Power & Efficiency on a 7FA in the Middle East

Powerphase demonstrated two Turbophase modules on a GE 7FA.03gas turbines at the SEC Faras power plant. The technology proved to be flexible, highly available, and that it could improve gas turbine heat rate performance by 5% during Saudi Arabian summers.

Renewable Energy Storage Fastlight in Jupiter,FL


More Power & Flexibility Lead to Profits at a Cogen Plant in PJM

Each Turbophase module boosted GT performance by 3.2 MW and ST performance by 0.45 MW, for a total plant performance boost of 7.3 MW. Since the initial 2014 installation and testing at the Morris plant, Powerphase engineers have improved Turbophase efficiency. Today, Turbophase systems achieve 10% additional flow by optimizing the compressor for a lower pressure ratio used by the B/E class gas turbines.



Florida Grid Efficiency: Equal to Removing 1 Million Cars from the Road

Accounting for natural gas capacity boost and displacing coal-fired capacity, by implementing Turbophase, the FRCC can avoid $96 million in energy costs per year for Florida ratepayers. Reducing inefficient peaking plant and coal-fired electricity generation is also an environmental win, reducing acid rain causing SO2 emissions by 14.2 thousand tons per year, and globally polluting CO2 emissions by 4.8 million tons per year, equal to 1 million cars being taken off Florida’s roadways.

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Our Global Sales Partner Network

In striving to be a key player in the global effort to reduce carbon, we work with local sales partners around the world to deliver our solution to businesses in need. From providing scalable power to match industrial park growth in Southeast Asia, to improving gas turbine heat rate performance by up to 5% during Saudi Arabian summers, our battle-tested technology is a proven power plant solution worldwide and continues to expand into new markets.


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