Titan™ Models of a Turbophase System

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Powerphase LLC engaged The Fidelis Group to create RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) models of their Turbophase product using Fidelis’ Titan discrete-event simulation software. The goal of this effort was to forecast the availability of a Turbophase module (TPM) system in a configuration representative of anticipated operating configurations. The purpose of this report is to present the resulting forecasts and to document details of the models.

The initial work consisted of creating baseline models of a ten-TPM system. Subsequent simulations were run to study sensitivities of the forecast results to major changes in the RAM data used to populate
the models.

Types of information included in these models are as follows:

  • Equipment lists and configurations that define functional and reliability interrelationships
  • Equipment capacities including turn-up and turn-down
  • RAM data (Statistical characterizations of time-dependent equipment reliability performance
    including times between failures and durations of repairs)
  • Spare parts counts and related off-line maintenance/repair durations
  • Planned maintenance schedules, scope, and durations
  • Impacts on the production of failures of system components and/or subsystems.
  • Operating rules, constraints, and schedules

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