Evaluation of Gas Turbine Performance Alternatives for Indonesia Power

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A study was conducted to compare various alternative gas turbine power enhancements for the
gas turbines located in Indonesia. The Pesanggaran site in Bali, Indonesia, which has four (4)
simple cycle gas turbines was chosen as a sample site to perform the comparison, an Alstom
Atlantique PG5341 rated at 21.35MW installed in 1985, a GE MS500L rated at 20.10 MW
installed in 1993, and two (2) Westinghouse CW-251B11 rated at 42.07 MW each. Turbines 1
and 2 were rated at 30C (86F) and units 3 and 4 (Westinghouse) were rated 27C (80.6F) and
83% relative humidity. or, The Pesanggaran site is located basically at sea level.
Six (6) technologies were review and compared at nine (9) different conditions at the request of
the representatives from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

The nine comparisons that are discussed in this Whitepaper are

  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Fogging
  • Inlet Chilling to 130°C (55.40°F)
  • Inlet Chilling to 150°C (590°F)
  • Inlet Chilling to 170 (62°,60°F)
  • 1% Wet Compression
  • 2% Wet Compression
  • Dry Air Injection
  • Humid Air Injection

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