Turbophase Gives You Maximum Output, Efficiency, Flexibility and Profits for Your Gas Turbine.
Turbophase Module

Turbophase lets gas turbines operate at optimum power and fuel efficiency, no matter the environmental conditions.

Get Turbophase and Stop Leaving Profits on the Table.



Did you know that 98% of what goes through a gas turbine by mass is air?

What if gas turbines could generate that air more efficiently?

Turbophase makes air 40% more efficiently than gas turbines by using a 4 or 5 stage intercooled centrifugal air compressor espanolcial.com.

And then by using the waste heat from a reciprocating engine to heat up the air to gas turbine compressor discharge temperature.

And then injecting that super fuel-efficient air into the gas turbine compressor discharge. The result is a more efficient gas turbine and a cleaner environment!