The Powerphase+ system–unlike other energy storage systems–gets more economically attractive when natural gas prices decline and GT peakers see increased duty.

Powerphase+TM is a revolutionary designed-for-production package that can cost effectively expand current gas turbine-based peaking capacity by almost 40% with stored energy using only air.  A novel combination of technologies addresses all of the cost, size and emission issues associated with traditional Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) plants.   The technologies include a multistage recuperator with an integrated preheater, a multiply-reheated air expander and a multistage triple use HP/LP compressor with an integrated air “hydraulicizing” system.   The Powerphase+ cycle improves on conventional CAES cycles with increased charging efficiency,  greatly reduced storage volume, and  increased  specific power derived from the pressurized air.  It commonly produces about 1.3 times the energy consumed in the storage process without burning additional fuel.  The system is manufactured in a high quality production facility and is quickly installed at an existing peaking plant.   The result of this integration is a most efficient and low cost above-ground energy storage system that will reshape how the peak energy is delivered to the grid in the future.

The company also offers a Turbophase+ system where storage can be added to its smarter peaking power product–either at time of initial installation or later.