Our technology can be configured in any one of several ways enabling the power plant operator to optimize the emissions profile of the plant while maximizing the economic value of a Turbophase™ system.

In  all configurations the quantity of regulated emissions as well as carbon will be reduced on a “specific” (per kWh) basis due to the reduced heat rate of the the power plant when fitted with Turbophase™.  Emissions rates–such as “parts per million” are often also  reduced–depending on the existing plant emissions control technology and the Turbophase™ driver option selected.

  • For units where  either a natural gas burning or diesel engine can be permitted NOx and other classic regulated emissions can be minimized to the state of the art for the engine while specific emissions for the entire unit will be reduced due to the improved overall system efficiency. Carbon emissions will similarly be reduced per kWh generated by the improved efficiency of the plant.
  • For combined cycle or cogen plants the optional use of a steam turbine driver enables smarter peaking power and efficiency improvement without burning additional fuel and therefore a reduction in specific emissions with no effect on emissions rates.