Our Vision

We Enable Smarter Power Generation, Creating a Greener Energy Future for All. 

Here’s How

What if the Grid was used to its maximum potential?

Our products increase the efficiency of the existing power infrastructure by maximizing the most efficient assets.

What if Gas Turbines Were Fast?

Powerphase patented products allow gas turbines to respond in seconds to fluctuations in renewable energy supply.

What if Gas Turbines Could Store Energy?

Our products turn any gas turbine into an energy storage facility using above ground compressed air energy storage miestenapteekki.com.

What if Gas Turbines Were Ready for the Renewable Energy Future?

Our vision is to make gas turbines ready for the renewable energy future.

The Future is Now.

We are Optimizing the World’s Gas Turbine Fleet, Creating a Greener Energy Future for All.
Powerphase = Generation Smart.