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Turbophase demonstrates 3.5-5% improvement on gas turbine efficiency in both 7FA and 6B applications in the United States and the Middle East in both cold weather and hot weather applications. Cycle decks indicate 5-8% gas turbine efficiency improvements in aero-derivative applications.

Turbophase allows combustion turbines to operate up to the plant's electrical limits in all ambient conditions, regardless of temperature or altitude. The Turbophase system can be installed for much lower cost than a new gas turbine or OEM upgrade.

At the Turbophase installation near Chicago, the Turbophase system was installed with no separate outage for the plant. All that's required is a simple pipe connection to the inlet bleed heat system. For combustion turbines that do not have an inlet bleed heat system, many alternatives are available, all of which require no plant outage or less than 48 hours.

Turbophase modules can be sited up to 1 kilometer from the combustion turbine, can be stacked, placed on top of an existing structure or run from a barge. A Turbophase system offers the ulimate flexibility for space constrained sites.

Because Turbophase injects dry air, there is no maintenance penalty associated with its operation. OEM literature states that combustion turbines are designed for 5% injection. Injecting 5% air with a Turbophase system results in a 10% power increase for the plant.


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How Much Power?

"On a 7FA.04, 5% air injection can extend the temperature range for 195MW maximum design output to 67ºF (20ºC) from 37ºF (3ºC). Beyond that, it will add a constant 18MW power boost to the normal lapse in 7FA.04 power output with increasing ambient temperature."


Victor deBiasi, Editor
Gas Turbine World


How Fast?

"The greatest benefit is probably the dollars that can be generated each month by responding more quickly (under a minute) with additional incremental megawatts to satisfy PJM’s new requirements in the performance-based frequency regulation market."


Joe Nichols, O&M Manager, Morris Cogen
Combined Cycle Journal

What about OEMs?

"If superheated steam injection is acceptable to GE, as it has been for over 30 years, then one would expect that compressed air in like mass flow will also be acceptable."


Dr. Robert Peltier, PE, Consulting Editor
Power Magazine


"It seems to me that injecting clean compressed air upstream of the combustor is certainly preferable to wet compression resulting from the use of evaporative coolers."


Dr. Robert Peltier, PE, Consulting Editor
Power Magazine


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