But what if power generators could use their most efficient power plants to store power?

We store food.

We store water.

Why can’t we store power?

FastLight Injection Enables Any Combined Cycle Power Plant to Store Power

And Dispatch That Same Power When It Is Needed the Most.

It Could Revolutionize How the World’s Generates its Power.


FastLight injection can convert 10% of any gas turbine’s nameplate capacity into storage.

  • Stores 4MW for 4 hour (can be longer with more tanks) – 16MW hours twice per day
  • Footprint: Storage footprint ~60’x60’ for 4 hours) Electric compressor footprint = one 40’ container
  • Delivers:
    • 20MW peak output twice per day, 26.5MW hrs; or
    • 10.5MW net for 4 hours twice per day, 42MW hrs; or
    • 3.8MW continuously (run LP compressor – no air from tank)
    • $25/MWh LCOE over 30 year life time (including incremental GT fuel, maintenance and capital cost) is a fraction of batteries’ LCOE

Then when wind or solar output is reduced or customer demand increases, FastLight injection dispatches its stored air through air injection into the gas turbine(s) of the combined cycle power plant, dramatically boosting the overall efficiency of the power plant.