Turbophase™ is fundamentally a gas turbine smarter peaking power and efficiency improvement technology that can incorporate energy storage as an option.  In contrast, Powerphase+™ is fundamentally an energy storage technology that also incorporates efficiency improvement features.

Simple Cycle Configurations

In a simple cycle application the Turbophase™ system consists of an air compressor driven by either a reciprocating engine or a small gas turbine and a heat recovery system which is used to capture the prime mover exhaust heat and add it to the compressor discharge enabling the system to match the gas turbine’s compressor discharge temperature. Even on a 95F day the gas turbine can generate its ISO rated power at a better heat rate and at the same emissions rate as usual. The system’s benefits are available throughout a wide range of ambient temperatures–extending to well below ISO standard day conditions. The system is capable of continuous operation. Water usage can be limited to that required for lube oil coolers. The TurbophaseTM module is skid-mounted, relocatable and has a small footprint.

Combined Cycle & Cogen Configurations

On CC and cogen systems additional options are available to optimize the TurbophaseTM system. If desired, the system can be configured with a steam turbine drive for the air compressor which enables a zero incremental air emissions. Otherwise the configuration is similar to the simple cycle module except that heat recovery options also exist.

Energy Storage Options with Turbophase™

Where excess energy is available during off-peak periods it can be economically attractive to capture it by using an electrically driven compressor to fill compressed air tanks which are discharged during peak periods. This system, if using carbon-free renewable energy such as solar, wind or hydro, can also aid in integrating these resources into the grid and increase the usable energy capacity of the resource.

Dedicated Energy Storage with Powerphase+™

In certain applications to simple cycle gas turbines the company’s Powerphase+™ system offer advantages over the Turbophase™ system levitra precio online andorra. Since no additional prime mover is used the efficiency, capacity and other benefits of the company’s technology can be gained with zero incremental emissions. Powerphase+ always incorporates energy storage.