The company’s principal products: Turbophase™ and Powerphase+™ can provide a range of ancillary services in addition to their basic functionality of increased GT capacity, GT efficiency improvement, peak energy supply and energy arbitrage.  Both systems are capable of AGC service.

  • Since the systems do not raise the minimum operating load of the GT units with which they are integrated, are seamlessly variable in their incremental output, and fast in responding to control signals  they increase the up/down regulation and ramping capacity of the unit in an amount equal to the system MW rating.
  • The capacity of the underlying unit is increased by the system MW rating as the system can be at full output from cold start as quickly as the gas turbine.  Turbophase™ output can be maintained indefinitely. Powerphase+™ output is maintainable for a period determined by the capacity of the air storage unit and to a lesser amount indefinitely.
  • Either system has no effect on the black start capability of any unit that is already capable of it.
  • The full MW rating of the system is additive to the spinning reserve (Turbophase) or 10-minute reserve (Powerphase+)capability of a unit.
  • Both systems increase the effective reactive power capability of the underlying unit.